Creative Arts Pastor

We are contemporary in style and looking for a candidate who wants to be a part of what God is doing in Iva. Our mission is to make disciples and change the world. We want our services and environments to be: Christ-centered, creative, done with excellence and relevant. The church has been given the most powerful message of all time, and we desire to share that message with passion and excellence.


Job status: Part-time



The  Creative  Arts  Pastor  will  contribute  to  Good  Hope’s  mission  of  making  disciples    

by  connecting  them  to  God  through  music  and  creative  elements  during  all  services  and  events   at  Good  Hope  Baptist  Church.  



  • Lead  music  during  all  services  and  specific  events

  • Schedule  Band  &  Rehearsals

  • Responsible  for  all  planning,  prep,  and  execution  of  all  music

  • Responsible  for  producing  a  weekend  service  through  a  team  of  music  &  production  volunteers

  • Maintain  and  upkeep  Planning  Center  Online

  • Develop  creative  elements  and  stage  design  based  on  series

  • Long-­term  vision  for  Worship  &  Creative  Arts

  • Volunteer  Team  Development

  • Train,  develop,  and  delegate  tasks  to  the  volunteer  team.  

  • Pastorally  care  for  your  volunteer  team

  • Work  closely  with  Lead  Pastor  to  do  everything  necessary  to  impact  our  community  and  reach  lost  people

  • Other  Responsibilities  as  needed  (dependent  on  skill  set  of  applicant)





  • Ability  to  lead  people  at  a  high-­level

  • Ability  to  be  a  team  player  and  adapt  to  changing  circumstances

  • Ability  to  play  an  instrument,  as  well  as  lead  others  in  their  craft  of  playing  or  singing

  • Ability  to  function  within  a  team  structure  and  work  on  tasks  independently

  • Display  a  driven  personality  &  high  work  ethic

  • Willingness  to  constantly  learn  &  receive  feedback  from  leadership  &  volunteers

  • Loves recruiting teams and releasing their potential

  • Always looking for ways to improve the overall experience of weekend services

  • Loves to create atmospheres that engage people.

Experience  &  Education:   

  • High  school  diploma  required.

  • Experience  leading  a  worship  band  &  developing  musicians/vocalists

  • Internship  or  Staff  experience  desired  (but  not  required)  in  a  contemporary  worship  environment


Personal  &  Spiritual  Requirements:  

  • Profess  Jesus  Christ  as  your  Lord  and  Savior

  • Commitment  to  personal  spiritual  growth  and  healthy  lifestyle

  • Model  valuable  standards  and  expectations  for  leaders  at  Good  Hope

  • Financially support the ministry of Good Hope.

  • Regular  attendance  at  all  Good  Hope  services  &  events

If you are interested in submitting a resume for this position, you may send it to: