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  • A challenging, faithful message from the Bible​ and genuine worship of the Lord Jesus

  • Modern, theologically sound, faithful music and singing

  • A casual but reverent atmosphere 

  • An engaging experience that will edify and challenge you

  • Friendly people

  • A safe environment for kids 

  • A time focused on Christ and His gospel.

The things we do in a worship service and what they mean:


Opening Prayer. We use this time for three main things: Invocation, Confession, and Assurance of Pardon. By invocation we mean to invoke the special presence of God as we draw near for worship. This is an expression of our complete dependence upon Him. By confession we mean to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness as we prepare our hearts to worship Him. By assurance we mean to lay hold of the complete forgiveness purchased for us by Jesus through His life and death in our place. We rest assured that, though we are sinners, we are made right with God in Christ by His grace. This time also serves as a call to worship the One whose presence we desire, whose righteousness leads us to confession, and whose grace we need every moment.


Congregational Prayer. We use this time to present our needs before the Lord. We pray for different needs within the church family as well as to pray for people in the community around us. We will also occasionally use this time to pray for special requests such as the ordination of a deacon or praying over a mission team. This time also includes asking God to help us be faithful in our worship of Him.


Songs. We sing songs as an expression of praise to God as well as an encouragement to one another. As we sing we give God an offering of worship that proclaims the truths of Scripture regarding who He is and what He has done. As we sing, we also proclaim those same truths to one another and thus encourage and spur one another on to love and good works.


Scripture Reading. In addition to the Scripture that is being preached during the sermon, we will also read from Scripture out-loud during the service. This is typically a Scripture that compliments the sermon and helps us to better see the truth being communicated across the larger work of the Bible.


Sermon. This time is given to the faithful proclamation of God’s Word in order to discover who He is, what He has done, what He will do, and to rest in Jesus. We believe the Holy Spirit will use this time to convict hearts, open eyes and ears to the truth, bring new life, draw us to our knees in worship, and equip us to go out in ministry all while God is exalted in the utmost.

Lord’s Supper. We observe the Lord’s Supper as a physical representation of the proclaimed gospel message. It is the sermon after the sermon, and an opportunity to respond in worship. It consists of the bread and the cup. The bread represents Christ taking on a body and living a perfectly obedient life in our place. The cup represents His spilled blood as He died to sufficiently experience the punishment for our sins in our place. After giving thanks for each of these elements, we consume them as a reminder that our only hope is to receive the work of Christ on our behalf. This is to be a time of reverence. Participants must examine themselves and make sure they are taking this ordinance in a worthy manner. To take the bread and cup in an unworthy and irreverent manner is to bring judgment upon oneself. Because this is an act of proclaiming and remembering what we have received in Christ, this is a time only for those who have been born again and saved by grace through faith in Jesus. If you have not placed your faith in Christ for salvation, we plead with you to first be reconciled to God through Jesus!


Closing Prayer. We close each service with a final prayer that includes two parts: benediction and commission. During the prayer of benediction, we ask God’s blessing upon those who gathered based on the Scripture that was preached. During the commission we ask God to send us out in mission and in worship. Then we depart to worship Jesus before the world.


Our Prayer: By God's grace, may the genuine worship of Jesus increase in and through us as we faithfully proclaim, practice, and teach the entire Word of God. 

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