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"Hidden in Christ" Initiative at Good Hope

"For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God." Colossians 3:3
What should it look like if we view every sphere of our lives as hidden in Christ? How should this impact our families, homes, relationships, marriages, work, church, community, and beyond?
These are the types of questions we will be exploring in this new initiative, and we believe God will use it to transform every aspect of our lives and ministries!

What will this initiative involve?

From the Stage:
Every Sunday morning during this initiative, we will be emphasizing key ideas and applications with a set of strategically targeted sermons series


"The Life Hidden in Christ" is our introductory series for this initiative. During this series we will learn to discover, develop, deliver, and depend upon the life that is hidden in Christ.
Click the image to view the sermons in this series so far.



Over the next several months, we will have a number of different sermon series that will explore how the life hidden in Christ should touch every aspect of our lives. These 5 series will be: "Family Hidden in Christ", "Daily Relationships Hidden in Christ", "Evangelism Hidden in Christ", "Discipleship Hidden in Christ", "Battling Sin While Hidden in Christ"

In the Church and Outside the Walls:
We will also include several different emphases during this initiative outside of the sermon. This will include several workshops on key subjects as well as targeted 4-week long Sunday School classes covering specific areas of life. Sign-ups for April classes have already begun. These first two classes are on "Family Worship" and on "Discipleship."


Check back here to stay up to date on when these events and others will be held!

If we truly treated every aspect of our lives as being hidden in would things be transformed for God's glory and for our good? Let's discover that reality together!

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