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Our Prayer:

By God's grace, may the genuine worship of Jesus increase in and through us as we faithfully proclaim, practice, and teach the entire Word of God. 

- We exist to worship Jesus. This world and all of humanity are for Him and Him alone. Worship involves adoring the Lord, serving the Lord, obeying the Lord, sharing the Word of the Lord, loving the Lord, fearing the Lord, honoring the Lord, submitting to the Lord, striving to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, and more. We strive to see the worship of Jesus increase in our church, our community, and beyond. If someone does not know Jesus, we will work to see that person begin to worship Jesus as Lord and Savior. If someone is already worshiping Jesus, we will work to see that person's worship increase, and we will work to equip that person to lead others to worship Jesus. We do this work by faithfully proclaiming the Word of God to all people, faithfully practicing the Word of God in its entirety, and faithfully teaching others to observe all that is in the Word of God.

Our Goals:

- Increasing worship in the church (through discipleship)


- Spreading worship in the community (through evangelism and service)


- Advancing worship in the Kingdom of God (through missions)


- Investing in the worship of the next generation (through mentoring and family ministry)

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